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Alsnislh Fort

Alsnislh Fort stands tall on a round hill overlooking to Sur city in the Eastern Province, which humiliate people ride the sea and the boat-building, it is said that the history of this fort dominant and designer on the original square round towers that stand on corners model for four …

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Qalhat and Bibi Maryam

This city has seen in the past Omani ancient civilization being the first capital of Oman before Islam was in the thirteenth century, the main commercial port link between home and abroad, and is this city a witness to the great ancient civilization but forgotten in history and geography and …

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Sur Healthy City Project

Healthy city is a city that seeks to improve the health and quality of life of its residents, though the World Health Organization seeks to apply the Healthy Cities program in many countries of the world is only one of the strategies to activate the community participation and intersectoral collaboration …

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Sur Public Library

Library targets Sur Public Library was created images to achieve the following objectives: 1. The provision of services to students and researchers in their studies and research. 2. spread cultural awareness among the people of the community. 3. contribute to the education of young people on the viewing and reading …

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Omani Women’s Association in Sur

Is declared Omani Women’s Association in Sur 1984 Board of Directors consists of nine members The House of Commons Member of increases for two hundred There is no specific conditions for admission to the member Assembly members of the House of Commons after 6 months and pay subscription fees are entitled …

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Ras Alhedd adventure and secret trip

Thousands of turtles Journeys protected in the June 20000 green sea turtle nesting beaches in 275 locations in Oman: Sur Oman: turtles returns every year to lay its eggs on the same beach where it was born decades ago. Ras Al Jins is a quiet sanctuary for turtles where they lay their …

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