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More than 35,000 foreign tourists to the Ras al-Jinz turtle reserve in 2018

  • One of the most important tourist destinations in the Sultanate and a model of eco-tourism.
  • Prepare a special package of tourism programs for school students
  • Watching turtles is one of the most important tourist activities by tourists

The number of visitors to Ras al-Janz turtles reserve in Ras al-Had district in Sur province in the province of South Sharqia from January to December last year reached 48,700 (forty-eight thousand and seven hundred visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate, where the number of foreign visitors in the same period was 37,044 thirty seven thousand And forty-four tourists, while the number of tourist citizens 7,373 seven thousand and three hundred and seventy-three tourists, and the number of visitors from the GCC countries 1,498 thousand and four hundred and ninety-eight visitors.

The turtle reserve is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Sultanate, which is the destination of visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate and from different nationalities, because of its natural components are calm beaches and moderate weather throughout the year and represent a model of environmental tourism in the Sultanate.

 Various activities

The Director of the Turtle Sanctuary in Ras al-Janz confirmed that the reserve is an attraction for tourists, attracting large numbers of tourists during the past year, reflecting the attraction of the reserve and its geographical and climatic position.

The program, which is designed for tourists, includes many attractive offers. A special package of programs has been prepared for school students, in addition to watching turtles at sunrise and in the evening. The reserve is preparing a new package of activities such as fishing trips, dolphins, And a visit to some Omani houses to introduce tourists to the culture of Omani families.

He pointed out that watching turtles is one of the most important tourist activities by tourists in the site of the reserve, and the reserve is a rare species of sea turtles, the green turtle, and is one of the largest reserves in the world for this type of endangered turtles.

He said that watching the turtles in the Ras al-Janz reserve is done in a calm and orderly manner so as not to cause fear or disturbance to the turtles or harm them, explaining that there are instructions that are provided and explained to visitors before the start of the viewing process.

He added that the visitor is doing other activities during his stay in the reserve, including an interactive museum that includes turtle life cycle, information on its development and species, and everything about the wonders of ancient turtles, in an environment that has been adapted and equipped in a family friendly manner.

He explained that the Department is currently working on renovating the rooms, reception and waiting area, and improve the nesting beach to reach a world-class, and the Department of the reserve is currently adding mountain paths around the area for visitors.

Visitors to the reserve can stay in Ras El Janz with 31 (31 units) in addition to the tourist-equipped tents. Facilities also include a restaurant for 60 people. It also offers wonderful menus of special meals. It has a library with the best visual and audiovisual equipment, and there is also a souvenir shop.

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