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The Omani Cancer Society in South-East joins the annual campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer

The first week of the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign organized by the Omani Cancer Society of South East Province in Sur Oman in cooperation with the Omani Women’s Association under the slogan “Our Steps and Prevention” concluded in the state of Tire and comes in solidarity with the World Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Where the conclusion of the first week on the activities of the open day, which was held at the Omani Women’s Association in Sur under the auspices of Dr. Maryam bint Abdullah Al-Ala, a woman and obstetrician in Tire Hospital and member of the Assembly has participated in the event a group of specialists and volunteers

The open day included a series of activities including breast screening through ultrasound waves by Dr. Anam Al-Alawi, Head of Radiology Department at Sur Reference Hospital, a recent paragraph and his session with a patient of the disease and a lecture on the importance of healthy nutrition to the specialist Moza Daoudi. The volunteer Mona Al-Awfi presented an educational lecture about the disease Cancer and the importance of following good and correct practices along with practical training on how to conduct breast self-examination and its importance

The event included the program of the visit of the volunteer Mona Al-Awfi to the school of Lababah Bint Al-Harith where the school health group presented a program of awareness that includes words about breast cancer and a play and a concert and an exhibition accompanied by the effectiveness and the management of the Assembly thanks and appreciation to all participants and contributors to the success of the event and facilitated the invitation to participate in the launch of the second week, On 19 October 2018 in addition to a competition for bicycles.


عبدالله بن محمد باعلوي

‏‏‏اعلامي ورئيس قسم العلاقات العامة والاعلام التربوي بتعليمية بجنوب الشرقية

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