Mohammed bin Sultan Almuqimi

One of the pioneers and founders of Omani song most prominent neighborhood buddy to his hometown artist Salim bin Rashid Alsuri artist Hamad Halles Sinani

God’s mercy was born in the coastal village of Tiwi of the city of Oman Sur, a village awarded by the beauty of the greenest valleys and a lot of love and care

Which started at the age of thirteen to Bahrain to settle their suites for the song Omani there

The first songs (O Abu wing take me to the coast of Oman) and is a song overflowing homesick at the beginning of the fifties adventure His voice Watchmaker company to take care of this artist submerged the son of the village Omani had barely heard of and $ 20 rupees to be back very limited presence record a handful big names gulf that period in Bahrain likes of Mohammed bin Faris and Salem bin Rashid and Mohammed Zuid and others to come wind, including God willing, loaded with promise of the birth of a new star Slim named Mohammed bin Sultan keep up regular Vied record the song this 20 times and racing leading companies at the time to adopt this artist and his registration in the finest studios Mumbai or Iraq

RPR is a new color prevailing in Bahrain that period, despite his mastery of the art sound and distinction .. but this marked the first color to songs and dressed to enter strongly in the competition for dominance of taste.

RPR also Bmonolojath comic (such as the market went down Aalsichael half an hour) or (I Gosait all righteousness / in Ndrofr Khadr) or (mouse and cats)

And RPR Brdyate between him and senior artists in Oman that period (such as Abu Harith says your Yazen / Lord, your family and Khalank) in response to Yahya Omar Whoa said, Zain Salim bin Rashid Suri .. or song (Jani news Jani / from the Omani Coast / and it remained on Hznan roamed the news of Hamdan) in the song directed by the artist Hamdan Alwatani Omani.

Also marked by a lot of his songs, such as Resume translucent (see my passport), which tells the story of the first details of his travel to Bahrain and is the son of thirteen .. or song (I’m weird and junctions Ahli), which tells the suffering with one of his friends in exile.

Record a lot of songs in favor of the company Watchmaker and Salem Phone and Yousef Phone and other enterprises are numerous throughout the 18 years since the first prominence in Bahrain traveling between them and between Dubai and other Gulf states to leave a final return to the first nest and Permanent passionate Oman after the inauguration of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said came to power and the birth of a new dawn of Oman great ..

Says for that period ((I was permanently listen to BBC Radio in Arabic, was that the day came immortal in which the broadcaster announced the news of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos came to power in the country ushered me to return to my family and they return))

Returned in 1970 preceded longing eternal for those planted in his blood to shake hands with its leader, inspiring sung long on its laurels over five years, which fought in Oman her case and its war against the Communist Stretch of South Yemen by then and was barely have over those five years but to build momentum for grades fighter and commandos of the heroes of Oman, wherever they are

The first concert in Amman record in 1972 for the benefit of e-Ghalib services company and then rolled his concerts annual company services Ghalib Ooualemkhozn technical or TV and radio Oman.

It revived many national concerts throughout his career.

Developed some of the old hits in Lebanon and Cairo

Derived from the abundance of Omani arts (Krzhh aluminum lute) and (Aza) the most important choruses and the smell of bending on the paws (Alchhach) .. Suri paper and charm of his songs.

(Tunes from the coast) was the last Gneaia recorded by the late artist Mohammed bin Sultan keep up regular favor SABCO Arts Oman in Cairo in 87 after the bar chose to spend the last 10 years of his life between his village sleeping in the arms of the Eastern Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman (Tiwi) or with Friends of his career in pictures or in the town of Kiryat .. Mnajia for creativity .. careful to follow each new supporter, sponsor of many Omani Cheba experiments even remotely.

Karam along his bus in a lot of national events, most recently the first of March 1997 as a leader of the song within the celebrations of the third Omani Omani song festival in 1997 AD, before his death at 15 days.

Leave immortal art tells the story of a faithful few art who gave their lives in honest unlike an honorable bright Omani art authentic.

المعتصم بالله الغيلاني

من مواليد 1982 احب المطالعة في مختلف المجالات ...

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