Sur City Figures

Sheikh: Suhail bin Salim bin Abdullah bin Mukhaini Bahwan

Born in the city of Oman Sur in 1937 and still lives in the city of Muscat until the writing of this book, where he practiced business. And it is one of the leading businessmen . A man righteousness and goodness and piety, in order to help everyone to please God Almighty. Was commercial sea captain navigation between Oman and Africa, India and the Gulf states and Yemen before the trend to trade, and the most important institutions owned and managed.

  1. Suhail Bahwan Automotive Group
  2. Suhail Bahwan Group for projects and equipment
  3. food trade
  4. business banks
  5. Electronics Trading

It is the work of community development and good provided that Sheikh:

  1. contests memorize the Quran
  2. build schools.
  3. building mosques
  4. mass marriages for young people.
  5. housing for the needy
  6. scholarships

the source :
Book figures from the city of Oman Sur
Made: Hamood bin Hamad bin Mohammed Jawid Agheilani


المعتصم بالله الغيلاني

من مواليد 1982 احب المطالعة في مختلف المجالات ...

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