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The UK Gold Guild project team concludes its visit to Sur Oman

Sur,Oman : Abdullah bin Mohammed Baalawi

The Gold project team from the UK Girl Guides Association visited the Directorate General of Education in South-Eastern Province in Sur, which comes as part of his visit to the Sultanate to train women leaders and guides. Reception of the delegation in the Great Hall of the Directorate in the presence of Mubarak bin Salem Al-Farsi, Assistant Director-General for Administrative, Financial and Projects Affairs Chairman of the Local Committee for the Scout and Guidance Excellence Competition, Head and Members of the Boy Scouts and Guide The governorate and leaders

The program of the visit on the first day witnessed a variety of activities in the Bahja School for Basic Education in the wilaya of Sur (Tire) in the presence of Hamoud bin Hamdan Al-Hadrami, Assistant Director-General for Educational Evaluation, educational programs and private schools and Mubarak bin Mohammed Al-Hashemi, Acting Head of Scouts and Guides Department and members of the Boy Scouts and Guides Training programs in the areas of attracting and retaining members and ways to provide the Girl Guides to others in addition to decision-making skills and teamwork and self-confidence and leadership in addition to providing a program of heritage entertainment and shows Rboynt by the Cubs and flowers band school cheer and then the Assistant Director-General honored visitor and his accompanying delegation.

On the second day, the delegation toured the archaeological sites in the states of Ja’alan, where they visited the tourist sites in the wilayat of Al-Kamil and Al-Wafi, including the Sulayil reserve, water pools, Al-Wafi Mosque and other heritage sites.

The visiting team concluded its visit on Saturday by presenting a training workshop at the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Sur targeting the college’s mobile phones

The project aims to involve members in the development of Girl Guides programs and prepare them to be future leaders, in addition to increasing the percentage of membership in Girl Guides and retain the current members of Girl Guides in addition to preparing them for future leadership, and develop the quality of the Girl Guides by providing women leaders and trainers in more effective and informal ways in providing Programs, and assist in providing mentoring activities within the community.

It is worth mentioning that the partnership project between the Directorate General of Scouts and Girl Guides and the Girl Guides Association in the Kingdom began in 2015, where the Directorate General of Scouts and Girl Guides received an invitation from the Girl Guides Association in the United Kingdom, to hold a partnership with them in the areas of leadership development, the development of educational programs and work with girls and young women, and promote volunteerism, through A project adopted by the UK Girl Guides called “The Gold Project”, a project that aims to provide Girl Guides development beyond borders and is part of the Global Guides Strategy



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