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Qalhat and Bibi Maryam

This city has seen in the past Omani ancient civilization being the first capital of Oman before Islam was in the thirteenth century, the main commercial port link between home and abroad, and is this city a witness to the great ancient civilization but forgotten in history and geography and in time and place, the nature of the harshest from human turned into piles of stones scattered stretching for dozens of kilometers from the seashore, old houses fell on the inhabitants, the walls were intended to fortify the city, it said that the city suffered an earthquake in the fourteenth century ravaged as it has been invaded the Portuguese until they were expelled in the late sixth century century AD, and raised no city in the south of the eastern province.
The date of Qalhat city to the Bronze Age, has Qalhat was the focus of attention of the world at that time due to it being the first capital of Oman before Islam, it is also because of the many advantages that praise its unique and distinctive and important city and the port of privileged had a polarization of explorers and explorers and knowledge seekers advantage.

It traces the city shrine of Bibi Maryam (and means Bibi “free”), said to be a great woman age the architecture of the mosque, as pointed out some historical sources that it was the governor Qalhat during the rule of the king of Hormuz  and at the entrance to the shrine there is a crypt leads to the corridors under the floor of the shrine.


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