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Great Mosque in Sur expression of the old city’s identity and religious aspects

Sur is considered one of the states of the south eastern province characterized this ancient city many advantages in various aspects, including the religious aspects and reflect the mosques and mosques in the state of pictures about the identity of this city and religious character, Mosque in Sur striking for distribution in the various lanes and almost there in each lane more than two mosques or three and preach vary between ancient and modern is also characterized by some mosques photo decoration and carvings Islamic rare being influenced by those inscriptions and Islamic decorations arts architecture. Considered great Mosque of the largest mosques, the oldest in the city of Tyre, is located in hot center of the city where they were building this mosque since time immemorial by the people of the city of Tyre, where he was formerly a mosque was young and was converted into a mosque and renewed more than once by the people of the state and it was up to the year 1356 AH built of brick and stone and roofed planks of wood, including load-bearing columns for the roof and can accommodate about 1,200 worshipers was agreed elders and traders (ship owners) on the need to renovate the mosque, by imposing a tax of 1% (Indian rupees) to the owners of the ships mock-faring Indian ports for four years devoted the proceeds to provide the needs of the restoration work. In 1356 his work began on the construction where the chosen number of Builders skilled So I have this work was a great achievement received follow-up and attention to elders with opinion were brushes mosque finest types of carpet and the advantage of this mosque domes brightly, to testify after the Great Mosque numerous renovations and most recently in 1994 and renovated modern character, who is from the old form where there is a mosque in a school for teaching the Quran and the teaching of different religious sciences are held in the mosque of many religious events and science workshops and memorization of the Quran throughout the year.




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