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Sur Healthy City Project

Healthy city is a city that seeks to improve the health and quality of life of its residents, though the World Health Organization seeks to apply the Healthy Cities program in many countries of the world is only one of the strategies to activate the community participation and intersectoral collaboration to reach a comprehensive concept of health.

The choice of the city of Tyre to the application of the city’s health as the first city in the Sultanate did not come from a vacuum Sur The city of inheritance of civilization and glorious past and witnessed the renaissance of blessing on this auspicious Covenant Leahy fertile oasis to be a healthy city.

The dedication of the people of this city since the beginning of the project in a continuous work through committees of different project for the application steps and participate in the development project plan and within a short period of time is a sign of commitment and determination to ensure the success of this project, recognizing its importance in the improvement of the health, environmental and social level of the city’s population.

I have had to support the Honorable Ministers, and in particular His Excellency the distinguished Minister of Health and HE the distinguished Minister of Municipalities and welcomed the project good impact in the translation project idea into reality they have all the thanks and appreciation, and we can only thank HE WHO representative for his continued support of the project as well as HE Wali of Sur President of the health Committee and the heads of state and government of special interests and all the elders and notables and citizens of this city and who have expressed their welcome and their commitment to support the project, and thanks go to both feet and will support the future of this project in order to achieve its objectives.

In conclusion, we can only pray to God Almighty forbid success to all Wa, God saves the builder of the modern renaissance of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

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