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Sur Public Library

Library targets

Sur Public Library was created images to achieve the following objectives:

1. The provision of services to students and researchers in their studies and research.

2. spread cultural awareness among the people of the community.

3. contribute to the education of young people on the viewing and reading serious and informed consent.

4. urged the young people and young people to invest in the acquisition of the vacuum of knowledge and information times.

5. support efforts by the state in the dissemination of science and expand the educational base.

6. work to instill the values of national belonging.

7. definition Oman historical and cultural heritage and the role through the ages and contributions of historical Omanis.

Library activities

The library, the following activities:

1. lending books to science students and researchers.

2. Provide manuscripts for operators to achieve heritage.

3. provide audio and visual means of cultural material useful.

4. Provide the appropriate place to read and learn and research.

5. Provide stories and brochures for children and young people to encourage her readings.

6. participate in cultural periodicals.

7. establishment of literary, cultural and research activities at the state level or the region.

8. Participation in cultural efforts by public and private institutions.

9. seminars, lectures, scientific, literary and lessons, whether inside or outside the library


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