School Sultan bin Murshid Sur celebrating honoring the Holy Quran

Celebrated the school Sultan bin Murshid for basic education in Sur saved the book of God Almighty and under the auspices of HE Sheikh Ali bin Ahmed bin Mashari Al Shamsi, to Sur Prime fathers and mothers in the state and the presence of Salim bin Hamad Al-Alawi, Vice President of the Parents Council and a number of officials, institutions, governmental and private, parents, students .
Activities started with the celebration of the Holy Quran and then threw Hamad bin Said the Banking Assistant Director of the School speech welcoming the attendees and congratulated the parents of the students the superiority of their children understand and memorize the holy Koran, and wished them success during their educational careers as mentioned in his speech to the efforts made by the school and their participation in various competitions

Organized by the Directorate and achieved many accomplishments, especially in the competition of the Quran and this did not come from a vacuum but praised the efforts of the school governing body and the faculty and the Banking added that the school has implemented several activities, including activities of a project, build a human being in our hands. Participated in this project is one of ten school boys and girls from schools in the mandate of the images and the number of participants: 33, and concluded by thanking the audience and parents on the good efforts.
Then occur Mahfouz Bin Sultan top of the Parents Council, who welcomed the attendees and commended the efforts of teachers based on the project, and then turned in his speech to the importance of parent councils that link between the school environment and community cooperation and solidarity to the student should be educated and armed with good morals and today we are proud of our sons the students to save them the book of God interpretation and understanding of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and we are proud of them and wish them success and to continue this achievement, and then continued paragraphs ceremony where she presented examples from a reading of the students and a visual presentation of the project by Abdul Hakim Bin Mohammed Belal the idea of the project “a” and conclude the celebration of the distribution of gifts to the students conservers and the Committee, which evaluated the students and sponsoring companies.

Photos – Hamad Bin Saleh Al Alawi

Source: Journal of vision

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