Aroba crowned Cup of forty

Elarabwe genie back of the big door … He returned with a new date is added to the records of gold Aerbawip … Arabism is the champion of His Majesty’s Cup football last season after suffering … And because it is a great team wanted it back through the gate of the team (large) is the leader Trophy (Venjae) … After a marathon match, witnessed Square Stadium yesterday evening, police … Able to overcome the obstacle of Arabism Knight Alvnjaw via a penalty shootout (5 / 3) in the final (date) … After the end of normal time and overtime draw positive (1 / 1) … This is the tournament is the first Ihrzha Arabism ground stadium police after three adventures in the years 1975 to Venjae and 1990 in front of Dhofar, in 2000 before the victory did not succeed after the loss is the headline … To make their thousands of cars heading for the streets of Muscat Photos Alafeep in noisy celebrations of the Thousand and One Nights not Tashha (s) in years past, most recently hugging blue Alsaruwa dear for the title three seasons from now.

Reservation and quiet
In the first minute of the historic meeting gets Venjae on corner kicks quick after that started attacking from the start, but both of the two expressions is to be Secretary of the Mejri ensure that by the usual, after first Amer Salam far off the field in the second, however, came from Mohammed Howeidi the highest point, while formed start Fri Darwish, Rashid Juma of the right end of the Arab identity of the reaction of the intentions of Alvnjawp which came as the spark that launched Fahd Araimi in case of any emergency that may give Arabism priority in the meeting, but both these games reached an understanding to the outside of the limits of danger after that went to the outside the boundaries of the pitch without respite.
Calm prevails throughout the stadium might call it (reservation), but it did not last long to come pass Mohammed chick model between the defenders team Alvnjaw to individualise the track Abdullah Thuwaini which glide between the defenders and face Suleiman Khamis, and play ball accurately but the experience Mazrui was enough to thwart the attempt ably saving the goal of an investigator in the seventh minute, almost stricken all likelihood Fahd Araimi and Abdul Aziz Al Riyami coaches Venjae, Arabism caught the reins of the match, especially in the central region, led by Mohammed chick so ably by passing the ball easy for his colleagues across the pitch, with missed Venjae quite atmosphere meeting without any apparent reason except that he dropped the reference is not justified to leave green green Elarabwe in imposing style of play as he wants and achieving.
Change the mandatory
Injury Fri Almkabbali defender Venjae force Araimi to make the first change forced him in the meeting, where he entered Abdullah Algosabi substitute per minute (13) It is an attempt to restore the line of defense at the same time, along with seeing the first attempt to attack the Venjae after a long wait after that passed the Secretary Mejri the ball between defenders Arabism, but it goes in front of the Orson to go to the arms of Mohammed Howeidi per minute (15).
Arabism back from a new interface, and starts to practice a hobby playing easy by Seda, Mohammed chick in the middle of the pitch and two as collecting Darwish and sometimes Thuwaini and Kafi at other times, for he gets a minute (20) kick, a corner play Rashid Persian but Mubarak Meshaal saved to fall injured after this play is subject to treatment with the absence of a speedy return to full form of the team who gave Alvnjaw to watch the ball, which goes a Aerbawip munificence across the pitch.
Activates Venjae little and trying to keep up with Arabism in the provision of play is easy to say the least, and start transmission of the ball between the feet of Mejri and Hamad Al-Hamdan, Abdullah Burundi in the midfield, but timidly, but the vertical Ahmed Kafi per minute (27) almost gives Arabism progress after playing Fri Darwish cross the full size insulted her master Libyan highest point, but it cleared the crossbar swab nice hearts Alphenjaoyen and go to the rolls out of the three goal second wasted on Arabism in the timing of a very good age Meziane Tunisian coach who watches his team carried out accurately what the will of the stars of giant even minute (32) specifically, which passed through Mohammed chick ball on his own fallen inside the penalty area Alvnjawp but it goes on and Rashid Abdullah Thuwaini Persian dependency only.
Howeidi seems comfortable in his own net without a direct threat or scary conceded that the dimensions breeze Wattayah evening, along with more than motivation Elarabwe the survival of control in this way for as long as possible, given the decline, which lasted him Alvnjawp, as calculated by Aharon fixed kick due to the error committed against Adel Khalifa by Abdul Salam Amer Amin Mejri play, but very easy to be launched in the hands of the receiving states without interference from the front lines of Venjae, then return the game to the same rhythm control Arbawip fell Vnjaw.
Goal Vnjawy
Given the experience of experts in dealing with such events, has revealed just Khalifa mettle original ably after that affect the cross Secretary Almagiri very precise from the right end of Muhammad Howeidi was headed down a great goal against the run of the game in minutes (37) celebrates after his own way very ignite with terraces Alvnjawp joy hugs the sky in order to progress, which came as a very cold shower on the masses of Arabism in the eastern part of the strips Stadium match.
After the goal to take the game a different turn, that (action and reaction) and with it the return Venjae to absorb Hamas Aerbawip but (Meshaal) commits a foul on the edge of the penalty area against Abdullah Thuwaini play Seda but Solomon Thurs saved his fist from the highest point before it reaches the head of Kafi highly motivated per minute (42), and because Venjae returned to the same prestige (date) has dared the reality of the game a lot, to start in practice is another way to tighten the noose on Arabism in order to increase yield goals before halftime, cutting Burundi ball from the halfway line passes quick to Orson who preferred to play on the Secretary of Mejri (based) in place (safe) to make the last two steps inside the penalty area but his shot came Aerbawip easy to be launched in the arms of Mohammed Abdul Salam Amer harassment after his moment of payment per minute
(44), and Aharon want to give the principle of an exciting opportunity in some games, but the situation remains in place despite Deghiqte which gave them time rather than lost to this game, which did not change the result, leaving the outcome of Vnjawa 1 February until the end.
Equivalent Arbawi
Ambitious various begun by a party to the dialogue the second half to meet the ultimate dream, Venjae wishes to promote and wishes to hear the final whistle early this result, and Arabism hopes to return for the match first and scoring the equalizer and then think about the winning goal, and between this and that a strong start to Arabism scoring draw From the second minute after that the Secretary committed an error Mejri very close to the penalty area, his team played Benin Sidah on the near foot Hamad Hamdan, clash with an own goal by mistake to the left of Solomon Thurs equalizer of Arabism in a timely manner is very Madre.
Goal sparked meet again after the match came to a point zero, and it began another struggle taking place between the two teams and their aspirations, Vkthert errors scroll followed by the large number of tackles strong, especially by defenders Venjae which made Fahd Araimi to reconsider their positions again after he found himself in a position similar to the status of the beginning of the meeting, and lost Adel Khalifa goal of the Group Venjae After that affect the cross Orson played strongly in the goalmouth, but the presence of Mohamed Howeidi spoiled by the project the joy of seconds per minute (52), and begins a new format of the meeting, which is how we went through to see the warnings, yellow, where he received a fair Shibli of Venjae the first warning in the meeting, followed by Abdul Salam Amer defender Arabism warning of another, while Orson is the third names, which carried the title holders warning yellow, and before Muhammad Howeidi committed a big mistake after the deal with a ball Badr Al Shamsi far too naively Taudnaha much of it in the team to be spared at the last minute for a corner did not result in a new Vnjawp per minute (55).
The exchange of offensive .. But ..!!
Ahmed Kafi striker Arabism did not stop playing games inside the penalty area Alvnjawp for the after that effort, which was found through the same facing Solomon Thurs but preferred to play selfish after playing his ball into the side netting of the goal Solomon Thurs instead of passing the ball to a colleague who is in a suitable place found inside the penalty area Alvnjawp to miss the goal for the Arbawip per minute (57), Mejri performs a fixed kick, unusually for the saved Saud Sweden for the midfield to go fast Arabism err Mubarak Meshaal keep the ball caught Abdullah Thuwaini, and is built inside the penalty area goes out to him as Solomon Mazrouei saved for a corner play Juma Darwish saved just Shibli up to Adel Khalifa (active) passes fast what happened played the last cross model on top of Adel Khalifa played strong as usual, but the arms of Howeidi was present to neutralize, and before that change the first of the Arab identity of the exit of Mohammed chick (maquiladora) and the descent of Younis Mubarak to activate the attacking side after being found (Meziane ) that the time (Meziane) to pay a player take advantage of the gap fast and sacrificed at the back of the Venjae.
Equal receivable from both sides, and played offensive to both of them, and the situation threatens to come to any of them inevitably under the situation that started for both sides starting from the minute (70) for the match, and almost minute (73) to come to Vnjaw after playing Mohammed Almashri nice football from the the left of the goalkeeper Mohamed Howeidi occur bewilderment among defense Elarabwe almost evacuated Salam Amer scored the second visit in his own net for the fact that his ball with a few Psontimtrut to the left of the existing Elarabwe to the corner there was nothing new to Venjae negative after implementation.
After the departure of (chick) on the center of Arabism (sagging) than ever before to show the seriousness of Hamad Hamdan and Mejri, Burundi compared to movements Sidah, Abdullah Saleh, Araimi Fahd forced to make a change to an emergency landing last entry Bilal Saadi, rather than just Al-Shibli, while Itamlq experience the years of Solomon Thurs guard Alvnjaw in keep the ball out of dangerous Smart Ahmed Kafi Beckham on the way to the corner fingertip Juma Darwish to play again after a corner away from Meshal Mubarak but the second were not positive at all per minute (82).
Corner Vnjawp play Mejri to back-Khalifa, who went by having bypassed collected beautiful game is very smart play an occasional hit in the head Abdul Salam Amer up to Mubarak Meshaal applicant is trying to dodge being subjected to block the close of the penalty area Seeking reward thereby Aharon kick directly played by Orson in the bulwark of the human without a new minute (87), slow Burundi in dealing with a ball (a stray) on the left side of the net Venjae snatches Fri Darwish, but subjected to block Seeking reward thereby kick directly played Abdullah Saleh wall Repelling the human to the corner did not change the result, Adel Khalifa provides watershed positive work and play ball beautiful feet Almashri Mohammed played the last to save the bird back defender Saud Sweden in a timely manner per minute (89).
Three minutes, Abdullah Aharon could not change the outcome of the end time from the original game draw the positive 1 / 1 for the two teams continue to search for a precious win the title via other channels Cotan the first additional half-hour.
Additional first half
The first extra half started Badr Al Shamsi, warning yellow after roughness deliberate, while the positive side for his team record their first corner kick of the half played Mejri without risk, and looking Meziane coach Arabism for a way out of the crisis that put himself where directed by Mohammed chick, was forced to remove Ahmed Kafi’s most dangerous players in the line of attack and the introduction of Ibrahim Speight to activate the midfield again, while out Badr Al Shamsi of the wounded from the ranks of Venjae and enter Haitham top substitute as the third Adtrarriet Yellow Team, and infiltration save Arabism second goal after a game of give and take between Mejri and Larsson per minute (100), warning yellow Ibrahim spite of the objection to the decision of the referee is not impressed Aharon per minute (102), and ends without a new.
Additional half a second
Extra half second did not have a reservation because of the importance of achieving the goal of terminating the aspirations of the opposing team, was almost a fair successor to guide his team scored a second goal terminate its ambitions Aerbawip for the fact that his ball cheated on her luck after Rod ball beautifully on his chest and turned to playing strong but pass along the existing and kick indirect free is calculated for the benefit of Orson Alvnjaw close to the area played Haitham Mohammad, but like its predecessor, continuing the pace between the two teams, and Hamad Hamdan gets a yellow card for a foul per minute (116), errors Arabism coming in front of the penalty area to get Venjae a kick near the penalty area faces up her Haitham Mohammed played a very misleading almost to be launched, but in no pity on the masses Aerbawip and go outside the net, and gives the government one minute time allowance lost does not change anything, to invoke the two teams to the penalty shootout to settle the title history.

1292191335036707600 immediately after the end of the final HE Dr Mohammed bin Hamad Al-Ramahi, Minister of Oil and Gas Sponsor ceremonial coronation team Al-Aruba Club Cup precious and gold medals, providing the team leader Mohammed Hamad (chick) and recognizes the Trophy of the sponsor of the event, was preceded this, the delivery of silver medals for team players Venjae as well as the patron of the appropriate delivery of His Majesty’s Cup for young people to Seeb Club.

Having invoked the two teams to the penalty shootout disengagement, enabling five-Arabism Sidah and Saud Sweden and Rashid Persian and Ibrahim Speight and Friday beautiful recording kicks five full, with a record of Venjae both Orson and Abdullah Burundi and Bilal Saadi and failed Secretary Mejri in the registry after it hit a ball high off the net Aerbawip to end the rule victory Arabism outcome of the meeting, 5 / 3 for non-payment of the feasibility of Venjae the last kick.

Express anger
After the meeting ended with the victory of Arabism Cup title King of Football A number of moderators of Club Venjae outraged at the decision of the Disciplinary Committee which was issued to allow the stars of Arabism Mohammed Hamad chick and Yaqoub Juma in partnership with their team in the meeting, as the players have been thrown out in the second leg in front of Dhofar Tennis Arabism, these administrators have poured out their anger on the Board of Directors of the Omani football and described as a union decision-night (they say).

Laser and stops
Forced the crew arbitration under the leadership of Abdullah Aharon to stop the implementation of a number of penalties for a team Venjae, after a protest by Mohamed Howeidi guard Arabism on the existence of laser beams are kept on his eyes by the masses Venjae, but the security men stood up to these movements on the lookout to complete a penalty shootout.

Salem Araimi: we believe in the promise and Arabism is
Expressed Sheikh Salim bin Said Al Araimi, the spiritual father of Al-Aruba Club delighted the coronation of the team’s Cup title King of football, praising at the same time the level shown by the team Venjae in the meeting, saying: If you remember my promise to you when you asked me about “Arabism” in this season in the previous period after the end of the match against Venjae in the Annex to the lights I told you that “Arabism” in the next season would be, and I emphasized in my statement after the end of the match stadium Seeb, and we believe in the promise and returned Arabism to the nature of the past and to skin the original, and returned through the most important and most expensive local tournament the Championship Trophy at the expense of a large team size Venjae, and no doubt that the Cup this time is quite different because it comes during Christmas and Oman National Day forty-Majeed, Gala Gal us, and dedicate this win to the Majesty of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has Al-Sabah, and we will work to support the sport forward, God willing, and Arabism proved to be a great team.

Ahmed Kafi: This is the first signs of good with Arabism
Said professional foreign in the ranks of Arabism striker Premier Ahmed Kafi: Praise be to God, this is the first signs of good with Arabism in the first football season with the club, and a gift to the public faithful who supported us, and will not fail with the team and Sovdi blood and each drop of sweat, and we will embrace the Super Cup and the league championship for the this year.

Jacob Friday: Thank God and enough
Commended Yaqoub Juma Arabism veteran striker bid in the stadium and his colleagues, who helped win the title at the expense of precious Venjae, and a brief statement said: Praise be to Allah, and enough, and we came back through the gate of the cup is enough for the return of Arabism of the facade of the new competition.

Mubarak Persian: This is the Arabism
Mubarak said the Persian administrative Arabism: From asking about the “Arabism” in the last period, I tell him this is a real-Arabism, and page Taiwinaha last season and will not return as long as there Nchamy wearing green logo.

Weil just: love you because you Afarahtamona
Adel Al Weill for the club player of Arabism and the national team before and team manager of the Olympic football: love you players Arabism, because you Odm joy to the masses Aerbawip and you demonstrated the true face of the team giant post-labor last season, congratulations to you and for us Cup session.

Fahad Al Araimi: Changes Forced reason we lost
Expressed Fahd Araimi coach Venjae extreme sadness over the loss of the title was in his reach, especially in the two halves of the additional (to him), praising the level of giving players in the game, citing the loss of his title dear because of three changes forced that occurred in the team and was in the line of defense specifically , where he said: Without doubt is sad to lose the final that the form in which it was not during the game square field, and three changes forced by got in the back line for the team is made pregnancy a major on the team, because we were unable to pay Booracna offensive that we hold for a tactic in a different stadium, where we store the in bench players Mharien and attackers of model well and are Fahad Al Habsi, Mohammed Shamsi, where we were prepared preparing to take advantage of them, after falling the performance of Arabism in two extra, and we settled the match as Nsthiaa, but this is football foot accompanied by abnormal things beyond your control .. He Araimi: We were the closest and more worthy than others to win and we lost many opportunities to register, but the penalty failed us, not us justice peer giving great for my team, The Glory of God the first time wasted Mejri penalty because he was a specialist team in the payment of all the kicks, generally Hardlk to Venjae Congratulations to Arabism, and I am full of satisfaction what is explicitly given by the team.

Yousuf Al Harthy: not for the injuries we heroes
For his part, attributed Yousuf Al Harthy, director of team Venjae that the reason for losing the Cup title dear are infections that has accompanied the team in the meeting and resulted in changes of necessity imposed on the coach to make changes in the centers was make us feel at ease, while we need to attackers are dealing with the decline in the level of Arabism as an ideal .
And I assure you that without the injuries and completed by the injured Solomon Thurs keeper which was unfair to himself and finished the game with an injured we Champions Trophy, where we were 60% better and the closest to win and penalties are no more luck.

Abdulaziz Al Riyami: (Hardlk) for our players and we will focus on the league
Sigh Abdulaziz Al Riyami, assistant coach Venjae much on the unsanitary conditions that accompany the team in games such as critical, pointing out that these same conditions were found in a playoff game (away) in the Annex to the limelight last season (injuries), said Riyami: We have shown preference absolute During extra time, but circumstances beyond our control failed us did not give us room to deal with it better, especially in the attacking side, as the changes forced in the back line was the cause of depriving us of the efforts of the most prominent players attack, who were ready to participate in changing the course of the game, and Hardlk of the stars of the team must to be the next focus is the League National Bank to achieve the ascent of the lights is the appropriate place for the team that you saw today in this great tender.

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