Ras al Hadd first spot in Arab World sun rises

Ras al Hadd The first spot in the Arab world sun shines .This coastal region, which lies about 46 kilometers from the Sur City in the eastern region constitute a natural environment did not scratch her . Ras AlHadd is a Village a part from Wilayyat Sur. Civil and recreation resort is unique as it is blessed with the ingredients of a tourist does not miss it appointed where clean beaches and splendor of the place is also home to the topography of the largest protected nesting green turtles in the region and a number of water bays represent a haven for migratory birds as well as the exceptional cold weather in summer and mild winter.

On Ras al Hadd eco-tourism is a tourist destination is ideal for those seeking the beauty of nature for the life of calm and quiet standards year-round tourist groups from inside and outside the Sultanate.
Because the tourism development in the Sultanate plans based on the use of natural ingredients that abound in the provinces and regions have imposed a limit  the head itself within the tourism development strategy where awaits a promising future.
It is expected to witness the prosecution tourism project is environmentally qualitatively tourist Ras al Hadd, which runs in the stage of preparations currently in addition to a number of other projects for future tourist resort as the Scientific Center was completed with a limit at the entrance to the protected turtles.
Spread over an area of ​​120 kilometers of beaches and coastal land and the seabed and Khoury stone grams and attract the largest number of green turtles nesting in Oman.
.. And is currently the establishment of Ras al Hadd Airport project in several stages, which is a mainstay of the tourism sector in the eastern region in general, and is expected to contribute significantly to the revitalization of tourism and economic activity.
«$» Visited on Ras al Hadd where we had a tour of a number of wonderful tourist sites in the prosecution we started Pttua on the shores of the prosecution, which is characterized by hygiene and beauty while docked fishing boats along the coast where penetrates the prosecution Center asphalt road takes you dear tourist to Fort of Ras al Hadd and there and on the beach you will find beautiful natural places ripe for rest and recreation, you can have fun on the rocky ledges and sometimes on soft sand another time viewing a blue sea and enjoy swings «launches» anchored scattered near the beach Tdaabha quiet waves ..
During Zaatna to Ras al Hadd closer to more of the tourism development projects in the region was the visit to the Center of Scientific head jeans this unique of its kind in the region, the project .. which was run by the investor in November of last year in an experiment to find out the challenges that may face at this stage before officially opened soon ..
At the beginning of our visit Ras al Hadd we met Sheikh Talal bin Saif Al Hosni deputy governor in the extent that explained that  Ras al Hadd with a unique tourist attraction made it a point of all visitors from inside and outside the Sultanate head and said that the future of the prosecutors in the tourism and economic sectors stepping steadily according to studies and systematic and sustainable economic and tourism development of tourism is tourism that are developed and managed in an orderly fashion to ensure the continuity of all tourist activities related especially those based on natural resources and heritage.
He added: can say that tourism has become one of the positive yield economic joists in the first place, hence Ras al Hadd with the elements of a unique tourist characterized from the rest of the other tourist sites, thanks to the presence of the largest protected nesting green turtles in the region as well as the moderate air in summer and winter feature, The Ras al Hadd is the first spot shines the sun in the Arab world other than that, it features the most important bays which grams Khor and Khor stone and that can contribute effectively to sustainable tourism support and here we find that the big role remains an investment of this tourist and economic sites, note that the feasibility Economic for such projects come to fruition thanks to the tourism potential and the nature of the terrain and the place and I think that investment opportunities will be made in accordance with the feasibility studies and will have a positive return, God willing.

Scientific Center

At the top of jeans where turtles are protected we visited the scientific center of this new project, which includes the study of turtles and aquaculture and the Museum of archaeological collections discovered with a jeans center in addition to specialized scientific library in environmental studies and rooms for research and reading, as well as supplement the center, which has rooms for accommodation, restaurant and shop commercial for the sale of traditional crafts. Scientific Center is located at the entrance with a limit turtles are protected on an area of ​​land of 21 thousand square meters.
The cost of construction and equipment has reached the project million rials with funding from the Ministry of Tourism and Oman LNG and the Centre organized two trips a day for tourists to see the turtles with a hundred people in just about every trip, accompanied by eight guides and the same assistants and observers turtles in order to maintain calm in places where nesting where turtles.
In the lobby of the Scientific Center with a limit greeted us Zainab Bahwan Executive Coordinator responsible for the bookings that Astahptna on a tour of the Centre’s facilities and corridors, it is the parlor where the welcome guests and arrange protected visit to the sale of craft products, which is decorated with the types of various creations of artisans in the craft handicrafts to people of the desert and the sea shop .
At the entrance of the shop, who we met Saleh al-Amiri, who spoke about the passion of tourists manual metalwork and their eagerness to acquire souvenirs from the shop. Then we moved to the center, which overlooks the protected and visitors can eat their food restaurant while enjoying a beautiful sea view.

Library and room for Search

Then our host took us to the first floor in the center, which includes a library and room for research and a number of rooms for guests Center who wants to spend a night or more in the formatted Center library with computers we met Hind Algheilani librarian explained that the library provides information about the environment and protected marine life private and books enrich researchers and students. She said: The electronic library and references will be by the computer and the Internet and there are references from the books classified the Dewey Decimal System.
Then we went down the ground floor of a new show us Zainab Bahwan Executive Coordinator and responsible for the bookings to the corner of the main facilities where the center will include a museum of archaeological holdings not yet equipped.

Asambouk Restaurant

In Asambouk restaurant Zainab said that access to the beach in the daytime period is from eight o’clock in the morning until half past one pm on foot in the company that runs the center and transportation for the disabled to the beach offer, noting that there are two periods in the day to visit the first turtles protected begin at nine in the evening and which prevents the use of imaging turtles and the use of lights in the second flight begins at four in the morning and during which photography at the beginning of the sunrise. She said that tourists flock throughout the year to see the turtles, but they come in abundance during the period from November to April and bringing the number of daily visitors to one hundred visitors and explained that he allowed 100 people in just about every visit swear on the sets, accompanied by eight counselors and assistant counselors and two people working monitors turtles in order to regulate the movement Groups and maintain calm in turtles environment.

Protected Visits

It is organized tours to the protected so as to allow visitors to see the turtles at night during the nesting but prevents the use of lights or take pictures during the visit because the light baffle turtles and prevent nesting. To set this process the tour guides to organize trips to and within the protected distribution of visitors to small groups each of which go in the direction of the assistance of a small lamp Visitors groping their way through him on the sandy beach where they can see large numbers of nesting turtles quietly.
In a commentary on the importance of tourism Scientific Center, Sheikh Talal Al Hosni deputy governor stressed in Ras al Hadd that the establishment of the Scientific Center Protectorate turtles head jeans comes to enhance the role of the Sultanate in the preservation of the environment where longer tributary scientifically serves significantly large segment of the researchers and those interested in the various environmental and climatic and marine aspects as well his presence on the location of the turtles are protected with a jeans and seek the competent authority place to provide the best services for visitors to protected with some tendencies towards providing the center with the latest high-quality technical devices to add some features to this center.
New Expansion
He said Sheikh Talal Al Hosni: I think there will be many roles will be conducted by the Center for Service-goers Center and visitors to the region in general, and it is hoped to open in the near, God willing, and for the development of the Scientific Center there will be added an expansive new same current location to be for some purposes concerning the development of the role of this center

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