Sur State

They describe as Dora the east coast of Oman, has been a major outlet for trade and travel through the fleet, which historically played an important role in commercial traffic. And perhaps as a gateway Oman East Forum Historical sea routes has taken it by Malik bin Fahm Azdi Omani capital of his kingdom in 2500 BC, where it became “Qalhat” center culturally important flourished through the old city of  SUR , which is the “settlement of Phoenician,” where the Phoenicians – the similarly – the city of the same name in southern Lebanon in the Levant.

Sur state in the eastern region in the Sultanate of Oman, a provincial capital and seaport since ancient times. The state of Sur on the Arabian Sea, the Sea of Oman.

Famous city of Sur in the open ocean and along the shores of the Gulf and South Africa and the Indian subcontinent and Asia, and carried the ships (Aghannja and mule) Sur Oman in the seas and oceans and stayed Sur over for thousands of years living on their skills in sailing and the boldness and shipyards where the fleets sailing, which seized control of the Trade in the waters of the Gulf and beyond, dominated by generations of traders adults on this trade are still descendants of large families, rich and run some of the largest institutions and Omani companies and the diversity of actions and activities necessary to meet the needs of the country and its future is no longer their activity limited to the trade only. And the most beautiful area with the Alaejeh lighthouse, which is one of the oldest Marine in the Sultanate lighthouses to guide ships to dock.

And to the current Sur:

HE Sheikh Ali bin Ahmed bin Mashari Al Shamsi

Sur’s Wali

Area – City 700 km ² (270.3 mi ²)
Census – City 54 504


The state of Sur on the north side of the east coast of Oman, is limited to the east between the Arabian Sea by the Gulf of Oman, on the other, and the west side of its neighboring states and Wadi Bani Khalid, on the north by the city of Quriyat in the governorate of Muscat, and southward its neighboring states of full and adequate and Jalan Bani Bou Ali and Jalan Bani Bu Hassan. It stretches from Ras Al Hadd in the east to the mountains of Bani Jabir in the west, and north to Tioi Fulaij south. With a population of about 54 thousand and 504 people, living in 112 villages and towns.

Administrative division

The city of Sur consisting of an administrative center of the state (s) and Tioi behalf and on behalf of Ras Al Hadd, in the modern era of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – may God protect him – had its share of urban development, education, health and all service institutions.

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